10 Reasons to get a vintage bicycle

Vintage bikes may be the ideal option for you if you’re looking to buy a new bike or are debating whether to restore an old one you found on marketplace or at a local garage sale.

Aside from looking cool, there are some practical reasons to get a vintage bicycle. There are various practical reasons why they are an appealing choice for if you’re looking for an affordable, durable and reliable option. We’ll explore some reasons why opting for a vintage bike can be a smart choice.

This post talks about vintage bikes in general and there are always going to be exceptions. You might encounter a rare part that even your local bike mechanic hasn’t seen before, but that just adds to the fun.


Compared to new bikes, vintage bikes are often more affordable. You can get a high-quality bike for a small portion of the price of a new one by buying a vintage or used one. Vintage bikes are a far better and safer alternative, especially if you’re trying to cut costs and are thinking about getting a department store bike.


Old bikes were made to last. Constructed with sturdy materials such as steel frames, these bikes can withstand rigorous use and offer long-lasting performance.


Because they are simpler, vintage bikes are often easier to maintain and repair.  Their straightforward design and mechanical parts make it easier to fix issues or replace parts without the need for specialised tools or expertise.

Classic Design

Vintage bicycles have timeless, aesthetically pleasing classic designs. They are appropriate for a variety of riding styles and objectives due to their simplicity. The geometry and design of these bikes prioritise comfort, making them suitable for longer rides or leisurely cycling.

Reliable Commuting

They are well-suited for commuting purposes. They are dependable modes of transportation for everyday errands and commutes because of their robust construction and longevity.


There are lots of customisation options available with vintage bikes, so you can build a bike that reflects your personality and meets your specific needs. You can upgrade components, add accessories, or modify certain features to enhance comfort and performance. Customising your vintage bike is a great way to make it uniquely yours and tailor it to your riding style.

Timeless functionality

They are designed with practicality in mind. They have simple, practical features that serve their purpose effectively without adding extra complexities or distractions.

Availability of spare parts

Vintage bike spare parts are widely available because of their popularity and enduring presence in the riding community. Vintage bike parts are widely available, so you can update particular parts or replace worn-out ones. When compared to newer models, finding upgrades or replacements for components is typically easier. While there may be certain instances when this isn’t the case, in general, this availability guarantees that you can keep your bike in excellent working condition for years to come.

Lower theft risk

In general, thieves are less drawn to vintage bikes than they are to more expensive, modern models. Their classic unique appearance, niche market and lower market value reduce the risk of theft, giving you peace of mind when parking your bike.

Saving the planet

By choosing a used bike,  you can reduce manufacturing emissions by up to 530 pounds (240 kilograms) of carbon dioxide (CO2) and conserve approximately 5.7 gallons (22 liters) of crude oil and 630 pounds (285 kilograms) of iron ore. Every year, millions of bicycles end up in landfills. You can actively support sustainability, prolong the life of products, and contribute to a healthy planet for future generations.